Monday, May 19, 2014

The Power of a Flower

The Power  of a Flower

Flowers endowing the space with life.

 1. Gold, Black, Peony.
If your space is full of gold and black contrasts, add a few bright colored peonies. They add an exceptionally luxurious touch to a  rich gold-black combination. The sophistication and elegance of Posh Table Lamp will be celebrated by the feminine touch of burgundy or fuchsia peonies.

2.White, Black, Hydrangea.
Black and White duet is tremendously enriched by the charming, soft, snow-white hydrangeas. A white shade with a thick black trim looks exceptionally crisp on a White Petit Paro Table Lamp.
3.Mint,  Geometric, China Aster.
Treat the loved ones with tea in bed on a geometric trey with an aromatic China Aster.  The strictness of sharp corners simply calls for a floral presence. Regina Andrew has a brilliant selection of stunning treys which are carried by the Accessory Store

4. White, Blue, Delphinium.
The delicate petals of delphinium  on the beautiful Caspari napkins would add an incredible airiness and lightness to this marvelous table set up.

 Embrace the beauty of the flowers and allow them enrich your home.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

 Pleats - Shade Identity 

1)Knife pleat 

 This pleat is fine, flat and crisp with no visible gaps in-between; the pleats can have a slope, however, most often they are perpendicular to the frame.  Knife Pleat creates a very structured look; it is used on french ovals, empires or drums. Perfect for a traditional look with a twist.

Knife pleat can be extraordinary flattering, as it elongates the silhouette of a female due to closely arranged rigid vertical lines.

2)Shirred Pleat

One of the world's oldest pleat variations, it dates back to Louis XV.  This pleat will flawlessly complement antique French and Italian porcelain figural lamps.

The Shirred Pleat creates a voluminous three dimensional look which is less structured and more arbitrary. Not concealed  Shirred Pleat allows for beautiful fluidity  - a very organic and harmonious flow of fabric.

3 .V-Drape

V- drape  is highly associated with 1940' vintage look, however,  it can bring a very unique touch when combined with a modern lamp.  The V-Drape is a crisply folded pleat forming a V over each vertical wire; a combination of V's on top and bottom parts of the lamp  shade creates a distinct diamond pattern. The base of a V-Draped shade is a box pleated one, the pleats are then interconnected carefully to create a desired pattern.


 Fashion industry truly takes the V-drape to another level. V-drapes  beautifully emphasize the waist in the example below. 

4. Box Pleat

Closed Box Pleat –  A classic pleat that achieves elegant, traditional look; it is the most preferred "hand-made box". Closed pleat is defined by lack of spaces between pleats.

Open Box Pleat - this pleat is best complimented by textured fabric such as linen and duping silks. The open box pleat shade will have distinct spaces between the folds.The width of the pleat is determined by the circumference and style of the shade.

 Box pleat is perfect for creating an A-line silhouette due to tight gathering of the pleats on the top and diffusion of pleats on the bottom. 

 Information gathered from:  - our Sister store Illumé.

Get a taste of our lampshades online and visit us in store to see over 1000 options.

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miracle Items

"Miracle Products"

The phenomenal items you never knew we had...

1. Sparkle Plenty

Got a filthy chandelier that is so dusty you can not see the crystals anymore? Sparkle Plenty will make you forget about tedious hand cleaning. Simply spray  your crystal or acrylic chandelier and let the solution drip off . No streaks, no residue - just flawless shine. 

2. Tibet Almond Stick 

Say "Arrivederci" to every fine scratch! The Almond Stick will match any wood finish, without darkening it. The airtight metal container will preserve your stick for years. This is a fascinating item that will make your antique furniture look brand new.

3. Bee's Wax

You know this product is truly phenomenal when House Beautiful names it  "The Best" Furniture Polish. Bee's wax does wonders: creates protective coating for leather surfaces, makes granite acid resistant, prevents fingerprints on stainless steel and preserves all types of wood.  Never builds up and does not leave a greasy residue! 

Tired of crooked candles in a candle holder?Museum Wax will fix the problem. This product is also perfect for securing any other items, such as art, glass, statues, and china. Simply, mold a small ball and  attach it to the base of your piece and press it onto the surface. From now on, non of your valuables will be under the danger of falling.


  5. Leather Balsam

Want to protect those new Manolo Blahnik leather boots? Leather Balsam is perfect for conditioning and softening the leather. The unique formula will also create a protective coating which will prevent distortion of the leather. Use on furniture, car interior, saddles, suitcases, belts, leather clothes  -  everything leather!

Those items truly work, so be prepared to be impressed. Enjoy!



Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion and Decor Romance

Fashion and Home Décor Romance

The intimate ties between latest Fashion Trends and Accessories for your home.

Inspiration is the air! Being present everywhere it is our responsibility to notice it and embrace it. 

Daily routine of breathing forces us to take oxygen for granted, however, as soon as we start consciously inhaling our experience of breathing elevates. Similarly, when we expose our mind, inspiration and beauty becomes an inseparable part of happy living.

Inspiration is essential for progress and amelioration, regardless of ones interest or occupation. Artistic souls have established this value, therefore, they have elevated the concept of inspiration to such a distinct extent. Below are some extraordinary examples of how the decor and fashion intertwine and inter-inspire one another:


Miuccia Prada:“I saw them as strong, visible fighters. We need to be fighters in general. There is this debate about women again, and I want to interpret it. My instrument is fashion. I use my instrument to be bold. I had this idea that if you wear clothes so exaggerated and out there, people will look, and then they will listen.” She chuckled. “It’s a sort of trick.” Then she added, “I want to be nasty.”

Ms. Prada brings out vivid and highly geometric looks. All have a lot of underlined confidence and character. Moreover, the collection has a distinct message behind it: Prada uses her models as a medium to paint the image of feminism. 

Similarly, "Go Home" designers use diverse color palette and uncontrolled shapes to draw attention to the recycling of materials. Each plate on the surface of the Patchwork Rubix Stool is made out of recycled tin. 

It is truly fascinating how similar visual approaches are used to convey societal issues.


Chiuri and Piccioli expose serenity and  absolute minimalism. The kind of minimalism that speaks without saying a word. The apple green is so bold  and affirmative that it allows for the cut to be clean and crisp. 
"Worlds Away" designers take a similar approach: instead of creating elaborate decorative accents, they bring out a flawless duet of a bold color and flawless lines. Green Lacquer Wooden Bar Cart:

This pair is a classic: less can be much greater the just more.

 Domenico Dolce found inspiration in his birthplace - Sicily. One will argue that each model is a literal presentation of physical Greek ruins, nevertheless, what underlines is the Athenian mentality. Pompous, rich and above all  note is read in each silhouette. Risk is also present: an extreme diversity of materials and textures. Smooth, immaculate silk, unexpected pattern, golds and fur  - the combination one would never expect.

Currey & Company show a similar affection for a textural  diversity. Sharp angles, smooth surfaces, textured fabric and incorporation of nature  - all so counterintuitive, yet implacable together. Driftwood Sphere Table Lamp with Shade:

This duet is all about unpredictability - those who do not risk don't get to indulge in champagne!

4. Stella McCartney

I think it’s an honest approach. A celebration of who we are and who our woman is,” said Stella McCartney

McCartney presented the most feminine looks for Spring 2014. The collection does not only emphasize the beauty of female body, but also the underlined sexuality. Abundance of crocodile patterns add  mystery  and intrigue:

  Caspari use animal skins to achieve a similiar affect: snake skin patterns create a more complex and affluent feel in a home.

  Inspiration is free.Open your eyes, free your mind, embrace it... 



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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Perfect Christmas Souvenirs under $20

Perfect Christmas Souvenirs  under $20

All available at the Accessory Store
PANIC ATTACK! Only three days until Christmas  and you still don't have presents for a few people? Alright, not few, but all family members? Don't worry! Here, at the Accessory Store, we can really relate to how you feel. December is one of the most hectic months of the year and finding time for buying all Holiday gifts, decorative items and produce is overly stressful.
RELAX, we got you covered! Simply stop by at the Accessory store and get gifts for everyone on your list.
 Bellow are  ideas for useful gifts that will leave them satisfied:
1) Unique candle holder. Candles provide incredible warmth and comfort to a space - every female knows that. Yule Log Rustic 3 candle holder by Bard's Products is an outstanding holiday addition to any home. It is an excellent versatile decoration that can be used for years on end. Add red and white votive candles for a Christmas look, switch to orange and gold for a Thanksgiving accessory.
2) Cocktail Shaker. Those who make cocktails know for a fact that having a transparent shaker is incredibly useful. The one from the Accessory Store has six  recipes of world famous combinations, right on the shaker, no need to memorize  proportions any longer; your options are: Manhattan, Vodka Dry, Bronx, Martini Dry, Rob Roy, and Red Lion.
The shaker has a strainer lid, which adds convenience.
3) Ice bucket. You will be surprised on how many people actually don't have this extraordinary useful item. The Accessory store has these in four different sizes; bigger for multiple bottles and smaller of singular. Choose your favorite bottle of champagne, feel the bucket with large chunks of ice, decorate with red silk ribbon  - and here is your perfect holiday gift. This gift will be ideal for "someone who has everything". Indeed, who would reject a sip of cool satisfying drink?
 4) Decorative spreaders. Who is ready for a memorable Christmas day breakfast? Brainstorm on favorite cheeses and jams of your loved ones and put together a gift basket. This is a perfect idea to make a personalized gift. Want to push it up a notch? Make your own preserves! Say, you know that your loved one is bent upon pears, then all you have to do is find a good recipe for a pear preserve. Add a few unique cheeses, honey, spreaders, decorate with transparent plastic and a bow, and your gift is complete!
5)Christian Lacroix Papier. Everyone takes notes and keeps records. A unique, one of a kind notebook would not only be appreciated, but also widely used.  If notebook is beautiful it is almost impossible not to use it! Christian Lacroix is a splendid example:
6) Placemats. Who wants their  solid wood or glass table to get ruined? No one. Placemats make outstanding gifts that are definitely going to be used. You can choose a neutral pattern that will suit the décor of the kitchen.
And to finish off all those marvelous gifts you will need: ribbon, accessory bags, and gift wrap.
Hope that these ideas will inspire you and will reduce your stress level!
The Accessory Store team wishes you Happy Holidays and Phenomenal New Year!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vanity table with The Accessory Store

Vanity table with The Accessory Store

Elle Decor inspired

          The vanity table, truly allows you to get motivated for the day ahead. Everyone knows that having the opportunity to indulge in to "you" time is more important then ever in the hectic life style that is lead by many of us. It is the vanity table that allows you to transform in to your true self. Organizing your vanity table is important and The Accessory store is happy to provide you with ideas and incredibly useful items.

 1. "The talk of the town." - The vanity table.

 When deciding on the Vanity table chose one that is just as functional, as it is beautiful. Jacklyn Ice Glass Vanity table is a perfect depiction of such a balance. Such a table will catch one's attention and will serve as a center piece of your bedroom. Vanity table with shelves, (Jacklyn Ice Glass Vanity table  has three) allows for extra storage space. Like for hiding your Hair brushes!

 2. "Who is the fairest of them all?" - The perfect mirror. 

A lot of  time will be committed to looking into the mirror, therefore it is important to chose one that that has a unique frame to it. A magnificent mirror will please the eye and motivate you in the morning. The Accessory Store has a wide variety of one of kind  mirrors .

 3. "The little, special something." -Items that matter to you.

 Surround your-self with pieces that speak to you: an antique, a family relic, or simply,your favorite article. For instance keep an elegant snuffer on you vanity table, as an accessory and as a useful tool for your bedroom candles.

 4. "You are not a pirate!"- Don't hunt for your jewels.

 "If you don't see your jewelry, you don't wear it," says  Merrit Elliot to Elle Decor; this is a great point, as many of us "organized people" always keep jewelry out of sight, in rectangle jewelry boxes. Use Jewelry display bars, in order to see all your beautiful treasures. They will inspire your day and complete your outfit. 

Keep in mind that delicate chains are to be stored on a horizontal surface, not coiled up. This will insure a secure connection between the links. It is a great idea to have a beautiful specious tray for all of your expensive chains. 

Having your accessories, make up and perfume in sight, is just as important! Organize your perfume in style under a transparent glass dome. Find a beautiful glass jar to store small items: nail polish or lipsticks.

 5."Light it up!" - The scent of your candle.  

To set a spectacular mood when getting ready to go out, have your favorite candle handy. The fragrant candle creates an incredible, relaxing and positive aura, while the candle light insures a warm and cozy atmosphere. Candles by Aquiesse create a one of a kind olfactory experience.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why is Jonathan Adler an impeccably successful desighner?

Why is Jonathan Adler an impeccably successful designer?
Review of the Fall 2013 catalog
What is the difference between an appealing space and a space does does not evoke any emotion? What makes space cozy, alluring and captivating? By attempting to answer those questions, I will unravel why Jonathan Adler is such a success. 
1. Fluidity. When browsing through the catalog it is impossible not to notice the emphasis put on the organic nature of the shapes. First page greets us with a table that has wave resembling legs.Vases and accessories follow the same mentality - it is as though shapes flow from one state to another.We respond to those shapes because they take after nature.
2.Dynamic. Static objects awaken less interest than those that have a hidden dynamic. Exceptionally, geometric rugs with high contrast between colors, almost serve as coming to life optical illusions. Similarly, items composed of fine, exposed fibers create an illusion of movement (note those covers below).

3. One of a kind. Every page of the catalog has a  focal point - a one of a kind, unique piece. How do you find a one of a kind piece of furniture? When you see one, you want to come closer and investigate it. Too many strong pieces make  the space look like an antique store, however one focal point makes an incredible attraction.
4. Harmony. Harmony between objects is subjective, while harmony between colors is well established. In the image bellow analogous colors are used to create the base look (different shades and variations of blue), yet within it, we see an accent created  with triadic color scheme (yellow-green- purple). Take a look at Color Wheel Theory for establishing the most harmonic color union.

 5. Art. Art does not only satisfy the eye, it also personalizes the space.Doing art takes time; art is an expression; art is energy - by having art in the space a definition and character is gained.
6. Diversity. We see an overall trend of mixing extremely unpredictable items, textures, lines. The more variation, the more intriguing the space becomes. It is unpredictable. 
You can check out Jonathan Adler catalog, and see if you agree with the above. Enjoy the beautiful J.A. designs!